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Business Guide Africa {Limited Version}

advertise in business guide africa

Business Guide Africa: Your Direct Conection To The Lucrative Markets in Africa. Advertise Your Products & Services in the BUSINESS GUIDE AFRICA and penetrate the emerging African market by finding direct customers for your products. Distributed amongst traders, wholesalers, retailers and business houses in 15 African countries, BUSINESS GUIDE AFRICA aims to promote trade to and from Africa. Published for the last 15 years, the BUSINESS GUIDE AFRICA is also distributed at major exhibitions and trade fairs held in Africa and through a well-established distribution network spread over 15 countries African countries. It is also used as in-flight magazine in some of the most reputed airlines in the world and has been a proved and tested medium for companies wanting to promote their products and services in African markets...


Advertise your products in the BUSINESS GUIDE AFRICA and start building your business in the market of tomorrow - Africa!

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